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Products: Manageware for Broadvision 

Business Challenge

On the Internet, rapid fulfillment is critical to success. Users whose needs are not filled rapidly and accurately simply go to another Internet destination, probably to the competition. Thus, availability of applications that provide Web content is essential to operation success- outages or performance degradation costs customers and undermines a hard-earned reputation. BroadVision is a leading vendor of out-of-the-box Web application for business commerce, retail commerce, financial knowledge, billing and publishing. As an end-to-end eBusiness solution, the BroadVision platform provides sales and buy-side application for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce.

Business Need

  • When application availability is critical, managing operations successfully requires full availability of information and rapid access to performance data. Yet experienced BroadVision administrators typically manage the eBusiness environment with the use of high maintenance scripts and cron jobs. To troubleshoot a user-reported problem requires a tedious proves of manually browsing the log files for errors. When the problem is found and addressed, it has already affected numerous users.

Our Solution

This product improves the level of manageability for applications and increases availability by reducing unplanned downtime. This occurs via a paradigm shift from a reactive management style to a proactive mode around early detection, notification, and correction.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Monitors database connectivity and offers database performance parameters
  • Monitors availability of all BroadVision components
  • Monitors key performance metrics of One-to-One processes and Interaction Managers
  • Monitors cache performance
  • Simplifies management and administration of One-to-One servers
  • Supports multiple BroadVision sites and security issues
  • Provides aggregation parameters for whole-site performance
  • Enables you to shut down BroadVision processes by name
  • Allows you to shut down BroadVision Interaction on Managers

  • Manageware for Broadvision(pdf)
User Guide
  • ManageWare User Guide Broadvision (doc)