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Products: Manageware for DB2 Connect 

Business Challenge

To give users timely access to their data, you need DB2 Connect to be configured and functioning properly. If everything is running correctly, your users and applications can access their data when they need it with peak availability, reliability and performance. With ManageWare, you dont have to hire and train additional administrative resources to manage and monitor your middleware solution manually. ManageWare alerts you to possible problems often before users are aware of them. ManageWare gives you the ability to monitor and administrate your middleware from the same console that supports your other applications, operating systems and databases. The ESI Software IBM DB2 Connect KM enables optimum availability and reliability via continuous monitoring. The KM features automated e-mail and paging, automated recovery actions, historical performance analysis and sophisticated troubleshooting features.

Business Need

  • Manage the heterogeneity and diversity of the application environment efficiently
  • Optimize limited IT resources from budget constraints
  • Provide proactive and corrective actions and notification to maintain business availability
  • Focus on core competencies instead of allowing IT requirements to consume internal resources

Our Solution

This product improves the level of manageability for applications and increases availability by reducing unplanned downtime. This occurs via a paradigm shift from a reactive management style to a proactive mode around early detection, notification, and correction.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Detects potential DB2 Connect problems, triggering automatic escalation of warnings and alarms including e-mail and pager notification of support personnel.
  • Increases administrator productivity by enabling proactive management, problem diagnosis and troubleshooting using our expert help accumulated through years of middleware consulting experience.
  • Provides response-time monitoring to enhance administrators understanding of performance levels and helps them identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Provides a uniform, graphical front-end via a centralized console, eliminating the need to learn multiple management tools.
  • The monitoring solution for DB2 Connect links to additional Knowledge Modules including DB2 UDB-EEE and OS/390, to complete the enterprise-wide monitoring solution.

  • Manageware for DB2 Connect(pdf)
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User Guide
  • ManageWare User Guide for DB2 Connect (pdf)