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Products: Manageware for Documentum 

Business Challenge

As companies move from document management to enterprise content management, it becomes increasingly important and difficult to manage the right content. Enterprise portals are "weighing in at an average of 77,000 pages" (Forrester Research Inc.), and expected content in the next few years is 79%. Documentum 5 Content Server is the industry standard for managing, distributing, and exchanging large amounts of content within and beyond the enterprise to customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. The power Documentum provides to control information delivery helps companies stay competitive but also introduces significant business and technical challenges. As the number of pages on the Web site increases, so does the number of documents to be managed and served. The IT staff thus faces the challenge of managing an increasingly complex and dynamic system. To reduce the total cost of ownership and stay competitive, companies must simplify the administration and proactive monitoring of the Documentum environment to ensure optimal availability and performance

Business Need

    Manageware for Documentum will help you improve the end-user experience, making it more likely that customers will continue to visit your Web site or contact your company as necessary. Manageware for Documentum reduces the costs of ownership by managing and maintaining Documentum and providing a simplified view of the Documentum environment. The system is easy to use and provides quick access to information. Company growth can be limited by the content management tools and infrastructure that you have in place. Because it helps you optimize and manage your environment, Manageware for Documentum will reduce these limitations and help your company grow. Documentum administrators and end users can realize significant productivity gains because they can focus on strategy.

Our Solution

This product improves the level of manageability for applications and increases availability by reducing unplanned downtime. This occurs via a paradigm shift from a reactive management style to a proactive mode around early detection, notification, and correction.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Manageware for Documentum resides in the eContent server and communicates with the DocBroker as well as all of the Docbases known to the DocBroker.
  • Manageware for Documentum can warn you of impending availability issues through proactive notification.
  • Docbases are automatically discovered from local eContent Server configuration files. Administrators choose which ones to monitor, so that Docbase availability is continuously monitored for the selected Docbases.
  • Performance clients for end-to-end response monitoring can connect from a remote machine to an e-content Server host, and perform a number of timed operations against all of the Docbases known to the DocBroker on that host. This gives a clear picture of end-user response and performance.
  • Early problem detection enables user to minimize loss of productivity & credibility with user community due to outages and performance problems

  • Manageware for Documentum Spec(pdf)
  • Manageware for Documentum Parameter List(pdf)
  • ManageWare for Documentum Slide Show (this is a pre-recorded slide show, press "Start" to view)(ppt)
User Guide
  • ManageWare User Guide for Documentum (pdf)