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Products: Manageware for FileNet Image Manager Suite 

Business Challenge

The P8 enabled FileNet Image Services Knowledge Module (KM) provides system monitoring, analysis and management functions for FileNet Image Manager Suite of services. Now you can analyze system and application performance quickly, and easily receive a detailed statement of system and application health over time. The KM incorporates key system and application indicators critical to the performance and on-going maintenance of the FileNet environment. This knowledge enables an organization to manage all support components of their FileNet Image Manager suite of systems and applications. The daily demand for information in today's business is ever increasing. Utilizing FileNet's technology, many large-scale organizations are now managing millions of documents and adding to the total at the rate of thousands per day. The FileNet KM was developed to monitor and manage the huge volume of data flowing through the FileNet environment. The automated, highly scalable management of the KM enables you to maintain optimum performance and availability of the system for the first time.

Business Need

  • Manage the heterogeneity and diversity of the application environment efficiently
  • Optimize limited IT resources from budget constraints
  • Provide proactive and corrective actions and notification to maintain business availability
  • Focus on core competencies instead of allowing IT requirements to consume internal resources

Our Solution

This product improves the level of manageability for applications and increases availability by reducing unplanned downtime. This occurs via a paradigm shift from a reactive management style to a proactive mode around early detection, notification, and correction.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Documents - batch committed, errors, documents committed
  • MKF database - buffer average, waits, etc.
  • Storage availability
  • Cache, including cache hits, in use and locks
  • Courier, including the number of client connections, rejections
  • FileNet system, including all services, required data files and user rejections
  • FileNet security, such as inactive users and logon rejects
  • FileNet print, including total pages queued and total requests queued
  • Stubs Monitoring, WorkFlo Monitoring, HPII/MRII monitoring
  • Extent limits- ability to extend based on available space or based on extent limits.
  • Free space
  • Identification of blocking processes
  • Number of table space locks
  • Usage

  • Manageware for FileNet Image Manager Suite White paper(pdf)
  • Manageware for FileNet Image Services Spec Sheet(pdf)
  • Manageware for FileNet Content Services Spec Sheet(pdf)
  • Manageware for FileNet P8 Spec Sheet(pdf)
Parameter Lists
  • Manageware for IBM/FileNet Image Services Parameter List(pdf)
  • Manageware for IBM/FileNet Content Services Parameter List(pdf)
  • Manageware for IBM/FileNet P8 Parameter List(pdf)
User Guide
  • ManageWare User Guide for IBM/Filenet (pdf)
  • Manageware for IBM/FileNet (this is a pre-recorded slide show, press "Start" to view)(ppt)